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How do I get to PRO?

Log into PRO through the myKU portal. You can find the login to PRO by clicking on "Academics" in the main menu (access our walk-through here), searching in the portal's App Marketplace, or scrolling to the site index at the bottom of the myKU portal page.

It's been awhile since I last updated my information. How can I tell what's already in PRO?

If you're coming back to PRO after some time, it's not a bad idea to start with generating a comprehensive vita of your information. To do so, run a report, choosing your School or College's standard CV format. (For CLAS, choose the "CLAS Comprehensive CV", for the School of Education, choose either "School of Education Standard CV" option 1 or option 2, and so on. If you'd like any help in choosing a comprehensive report to run, please don't hesitate to contact the PRO team.) 

PRO TIP  Set the date range of the report to include only the most recent year's worth of activities. This should help narrow down when you may have left off.

Once you have your comprehensive report, you can examine what information is presented. Most reports organize your information in reverse chronological order, so a quick scan should suffice to give you an idea of where you may have left off in PRO. 

How thorough do I need to be with my updates?

A good rule of thumb is to include what you would normally include on a professional CV. There are probably more categories and fields in PRO than you will need, so feel free to include what you consider to be most important. The only exception is the inclusion of dates: PRO organizes everything by date, so it's a good idea to provide dates for each activity you enter.

I have questions about where to enter information. Can you give me a quick run-down of the different screens in PRO?

The PRO homepage offers a general summation of the various screens in PRO. Please keep in mind Courses Taught are automatically entered by the PRO staff using information pulled from Enroll and Pay - if you see anything odd in your records, please contact us. Contract and grant information too is loaded automatically from information gathered by the KU Center for Research - please review this information to ensure its accuracy.

Here are a few examples of typical yearly updates and where in PRO to make them:

The PRO office is also currently developing online guides for the various screens available to each School/Department. Please check back soon for more detailed information on entering information in PRO. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in the meantime.

I'd like to create my annual report in PRO, but parts of my information are missing and I don't know how to add them.

The PRO website has an entire page dedicated to departmental and school-level annual reports here. The resources on this page show exactly where information is pulled in PRO and how it's formatted into your department or school's annual report style. So for example, if you ran your annual report in PRO and noticed that several publications aren't showing up where you would like, you can refer to the documents on this webpage to find out how to make those publications show up where you need them to be.

It is crucial to keep in mind though that the reports PRO creates are only first drafts - in most cases you'll need to edit your document before submission. For example, many annual reports have sections that PRO cannot fill out, so you'll need to compose them yourself. Additionally if you want to change things in your report without having to change them in PRO, you'll need to edit those in the document.

How do I make changes to my website through PRO?

If your webpage is not set up to pull information from PRO, contact your department's website administrator to have this feature activated. If you're unsure if you have it set up or not, contact your web administrator or the PRO office and we can help you figure it out.

If your webpage is pulling from PRO, updating or changing the information on your page is simple. Information in your web biography, teaching and research statements, and teaching and research keywords can be edited in the Personal Information, Teaching/Research Statements, BIO page in PRO. Scroll down to find the fields you wish to edit. You can type directly into the field or copy and paste text from another source. These fields can spell check your edits as well.

PRO TIP  Be sure to separate Teaching and Research Keywords with a semi-colon for proper formatting on your webpage, like so:

For information in Publications, Presentations, Creative Works, Awards, and Contracts/Grants, you can select the specific entries in PRO you would like to have appear on your website. To do so, activate the "Display on Web Page?" option for the record in PRO. For a breakdown of which screens in PRO pull to your webpage, click here or visit our page about using PRO on your faculty webpage.


Use the WEB PROFILE screen to update your web pages through PRO - Web Profile screen quick guide

As of October 2019, all Fall 2019 courses and Summer 2019 grades have been uploaded into PRO.
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