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Are the data collected available to individual faculty, deans, and other administrators who need to prepare annual reports or complete accreditation documents? Yes, one of the benefits of the system is that it makes it easier to gather and analyze aggregated data on faculty activities that were previously available only in paper form.
Do the data collected contain a sufficient level of detail to adequately inform annual evaluations such as details about time commitment for service work and graduate supervision? Yes. PRO is sufficiently flexible to collect the data that the unit requires. Most departments/units include some annual report details by typing them directly on PRO-generated annual reports saved as Word documents.
Is the system able to capture and store representations of performances or other non-print scholarly activity such as recordings of musical performances, and video of dance or theatrical productions? A variety of file types can be stored in PRO. File types include text and print material such Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or PDF documents, and multimedia material such as .png, .jpeg, or .mp3 files. There is a 50MB limit on the file size of documents stored. URLs and links to online information can be stored in PRO.
Who can view individual faculty screens in PRO? Very few individuals can see the PRO data screens that the individual faculty member uses. Individual faculty screens can be edited by only a limited number of staff including: the PRO Data Entry Team, designees in schools/college or units assigned to key faculty information into PRO, and the PRO program manager. Deans, department chairs, and other administrators can run reports or download data for faculty in their unit, but they cannot access, view, or edit individual faculty screens or records.
Is PRO used to populate information on faculty web pages? Yes. The Content Management System (CMS)/Drupal system acquired by KU's IT Services for creating faculty pages interfaces with PRO. Schools/units decide which PRO information will appear on faculty web pages.
Who owns the data? KU retains all ownership of the data incorporated in PRO. In addition, faculty has control over how their individual data are reported and represented.
Does the system make it easier to identify faculty with expertise in particular areas? Yes. One of the advantages of PRO is making information about faculty expertise and scholarly activities searchable and accessible through pre-defined faculty web page information. To view the information currently available for general campus searches or for use on faculty web pages, see the “Web Page Information Report.”
How are data entered into PRO? Individuals are responsible for updating their own information and insuring its accuracy, although they can delegate this responsibility if they wish. Initially the system was pre-populated with data so retrospective information does not need to be entered by hand. Faculty however, need to validate or correct the information that was entered for them by the PRO team.
How does PRO relate to KU’s Open Access Initiative? PRO can be used to save journal article manuscripts that ScholarWorks librarians will retrieve and review for eligibility. The PRO publications screen is where the manuscript is saved.
What vendor software is being used for PRO? Digital Measures by WatermarkTM was selected summer 2011 as the most appropriate solution to build PRO. Digital Measures hosts the software and assists with ongoing development of the system. The Digital Measures Activity Insight base product has been highly customized to meet campus needs. For more information, refer to the Digital Measures website.
Is KU locked into using the Digital Measures tools that support PRO? No. KU retains the rights to the data, and will be able to extract the entire database in a format that will make it easy to transfer to another system in the future should that be desirable.
Who oversees the development and implementation of PRO? The Faculty PRO program is under the purview of the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research. Additionally, school/college/unit or department heads are involved in PRO development, creation of unit reports, and training of faculty.
Is PRO the same across all KU units? No. Screens, fields, and codes/classifications have been customized for schools/college. PRO is however, a single database for the KU campus which facilitates campus-wide reporting.


Use the WEB PROFILE screen to update your web pages through PRO - Web Profile screen quick guide

As of September 2020, all Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 courses have been uploaded into PRO.
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